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Small Online UPS

  • 1 to 10 KVA – Single Phase Input & Single Phase Output
  • 10 k VA to 30 kVA – Three Phase Input & Single Phase Output

Enterprise Class Online UPS

  • 10 kVA to 800 kVA – Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output (upto 8 systems can be connected in parallel for maximum capacity of 6400 kVA)
  • 10 kVA to 600 kVA – Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output

Industrial Inverter

  • ELOS – Emergency Lift Operating Systems
  • 1 kW to 10 kW – Single Phase Output (Off Grid & Hybrid Inverter)

Solar Inverter

  • 1KW to 12.5KW – Single Phase Output (Off Grid & Hybrid Inverter)
  • 10kW to 300kW – Three Phase Output (Off Grid & Hybrid Inverter
  • 5kW to 30kW – Three Phase Output (Grid Tie Inverter)

Industrial Systems

  • DC UPS for 110V and 220V DC applications

Active Harmonic Filters

  • 30 A to 600A for Three Phase Systems with Neutral Compensation (optional)

Static Transfer Switches

  • Single pole, Two Pole, Three Pole and Four Pole upto 600A in Rack Mount and Floor Mount options

Stabilizers and Transformers

  • Servo voltage stabilizer: Air cooled, 1– 500 KVA and Oil cooled, 3 – 3500 KVA
  • Isolation Transformers: Isolation, Ultra isolation and K-rated, 1 - 1000KVA

Solutions to

  • SOHO
  • ATM
  • CNC
  • ITES - BPO

Output ratings available from 1kVA to 100kVA

One (N+1) or more (N+X) redundant modules may be added to the system, ensuring a high level of availability while reducing the initial investment. In the event of a module failure, the load remains secure and operators can swap in a new module to re-establish redundancy during operation. Hot plug-in technology means that modules can be replaced quickly and easily, leading to a low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Output ratings Features

  • Output ratings available from 5 to 500 kVA
  • Output frequency available from 16.7Hz to 800 Hz in either fixed or adjustable format.
  • Output voltages available from 10 to 750 VAC in eitherfixed or adjustable format.

AC UPS Industrial

Traditional UPS Features

  • Meets the specifications and requirements of global offshore marine and oil & gas clients
  • Output ratings available from 5kVA to 120kVA
  • IGBT based rectifier providing high power factor low distortion sinusoidal input current
  • Isolation transformer in the rectifier input
  • Battery capacity test by regenerative energy recovery to the mains supply
  • Available in nominal DC bus voltages of 220V or optionally any other
  • Designed for ease of maintenance with plug in control cards
  • Colour TFTTouch screen display providing UPS alarm and control
  • Compatible with lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries or any other
  • Capable of being configured for parallel operation
  • Pre-engineered options to meet client specifications

Output power: 1 to 100 kVA (Modular) Features

  • Industrial switch mode power range of AC UPS systems
  • UPS configured from rectifier and inverter modules
  • Flexible and expandable modular UPS system
  • Hot plug rectifier modules
  • High input power factor and efficiency
  • Low distortion sinusoidal input current
  • Compact, power dense and small footprint UPS solution
  • Ease of maintenance and operation
  • Redundancy with N+1 optional inverter and rectifier module configuration
  • Inbuilt remote communications capability
  • Available in 24v, 48v, 110v and 220VDC bus voltage configurations